Slice of Life Story Challenge 2020 Day 25

Today, March 25th, 2020, I’m participating in Two Writing Teachers’ Slice of Life Story Challenge.

Carefully, I dialed *67 on my iPhone, then the phone number.  I checked the time.  Eleven a.m. Earlier in the morning, I had sent an email, inviting a check-in with me.  Just to see how things were going.  Her mom had responded quickly, replying that her daughter would be happy to talk.  That she missed me.  Could we talk today? I wrote back- yes, today would work just fine.  How about eleven?

After dialing the number, I heard the ringing begin on the other end of the line.  Then an answer.  “Hi, Mr. Ball!” We chatted for a little while.  Yes, she has been reading.  Everyday.  Yes, her parents are trying to work from home.  Yes, she has already finished her assignment in science.

During this time, I have begun to realize all we have been taking for granted: A handshake or hug from a colleague or friend; a night out at a restaurant.  A ball game.

Or just a simple chat with a student.

Author: Lanny Ball

For more than 29 years, Lanny has taught, coached, presented, staff developed, and consulted within the exciting and enigmatic world of literacy. With unyielding passion and belief in the possibility of workshop teaching, Lanny has worked to support students, teachers, and school administrators around the country in outgrowing themselves as both writers and readers. Working first as a classroom teacher, then as a coach and TCRWP Staff Developer, Lanny is now a literacy specialist, working and living in the great state of Connecticut. Outside of literacy, he enjoys raising his three ambitious young daughters with his wife, and playing the piano. Find him on this blog, as well as on Twitter @LannyBall. Lanny is also a former co-author of a blog dedicated to supporting writing teachers and coaches that maintain classroom writing workshops,

9 thoughts on “Slice of Life Story Challenge 2020 Day 25”

  1. I’m glad to hear about connections. Day two of no children here, we called parents and connected, reassured, checked in on our kids. We are testing platforms…but maybe we need to just remember we can pick up the phone.

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  2. Lanny,

    Being an educator is all about the little conversations, and it is so great that you are continuing to make time for them. They sustain students. They sustain us. Thanks for sharing. I love the brevity of the sentence structure you use; it really fits with the content here around the quick little lifelines that student conversations offer us.

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  3. It’s hard to adjust to this new reality. Will we ever hug again? Will we ever offer a handshake again? Thank goodness we can still chat, even if it is not face to face. I fear we are in this for some time to come.

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  4. I was thinking of this exact thing this morning. We never know what we have until it’s gone. You capture the sweetness of your interaction over the phone and the loss of being able to do it daily with so many so easily. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. When I became an elementary school librarian, I quickly realized how much of my work could only be done onsite, in-person. This has never been more apparent than now, as we prepare for the possibility of distance learning. I feel more like tech support than teacher-librarian these days…I miss book-talking with the students, the back and forth of conversation. With 1200+ students on my campus, it would be a full-time job to reach them all by phone…I’m glad the homeroom teachers are staying in touch.

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